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Be Healthy

Dr. Strada's professional mission is to  help you achieve an optimal state of overall health. It is her philosophy that a healthy mind is inter-connected with the health of the body, spirit, environment, and relationships. She uses a holistic approach and considers all of these elements in her assessment services and psychotherapy work with you to be Healthy. 

If you are seeking neuropsychological evaluation or psychotherapy services, Dr. Strada invites you to explore this website to learn more about her services and find out if her services match your needs. Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation so that Dr. Strada can fully understand the nature of your concerns, identify what you wish or would like to change in your life, and provide you with recommendations and a specific course of action designed specifically for the changes you wish to make. The large majority of individuals who come for an initial consultation typically learn a great deal of information about themselves, obtain tremendous insight about the causes of their current problems, and gain a sense of direction during the first visit alone. Please call or use the link below to request an appointment. 

Dr. Strada works closely with neurologists, orthopedists, and physiatrists to provide neuropsychological evaluation and treatment services, as well as conduct surgical clearance evaluations and provide rehabilitative consulting. 

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