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Dr. Strada's professional mission is to empower you with brain health information that can help you achieve an optimal state of overall health. It is her philosophy that a healthy mind is inter-connected with the health of the body, spirit, environment, and relationships. She uses a holistic approach and considers all of these elements in her diagnostics and assessment services for you to  Get Healthy. 

If you are seeking neurocognitive testing services, Dr. Strada invites you to explore this website to learn more about her services and find out if her services match your needs. You will need a referral from your specialist physician, such as neurologist or psychiatrist. You should also check with your insurance plan to make sure Dr. Strada is in your network.

Schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, so that Dr. Strada can fully understand the nature of your concerns, identify whether neurocognitive services are of benefit to you, and provide you with recommendations and a detailed course of action designed specifically for your condition.

Dr. Strada works closely with neurologists, orthopedists, psychiatrists, and physiatrists to provide neurocognitive services, as well as conduct surgical clearance evaluations. She sees patients with conditions, such as ADHD, TBI or traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, MS, and other brain-related disorders. She does not see children or adolescents and does not do psychotherapy or counseling. Dr. Strada has virtual appointments via telehealth available. She uses technology to provide services without direct contact to ensure everyone's safety and comfort.  

Please call or use the link below to request an appointment. 

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